IceManIsaac reveals the fastest killing close range meta in Warzone season 3 after the recent patch

Call of Duty Warzone season 3 is live right now. As the two mythical Titans from the cinematic universe wreak havoc on the pacific island of Caldera during “Operation Monarch,” the game’s popularity has escalated to its old self again.

Although the new mode is here and fans have mixed reactions, the traditional Battle Royale and Rebirth Island are entirely free from the two Titans’ rampage, and both the maps are as competitive as ever.

Warzone is renowned for the massive arsenal it possesses. Every season, developers add new updates to balance the weapons in the game. Due to this, the meta is constantly shifting.

Since the start of season 3, the undisputed close range meta weapon was the Owen gun. The SMG from Call of Duty Vanguard is still a beast in the game and probably the best SMG to use at the moment. However, it is still not the fastest killing close-range weapon in the game’s inventory.

The JAK-12 is the new close range meta in Warzone season 3

In his most recent video, popular Warzone content creator and streamer IceManIsaac revealed a close-range meta that could be a perfect competitor to the undisputed king, the Owen gun.

IceManIsaac is one of the most prominent Warzone content creators. He is a professional streamer and coach who helps players get better at the game. He uploads in-depth guides on Warzone metas along with game strategies. Furthermore, he is one of the best players and is flexible in both mouse-keyboard and controller.

On May 13, he posted a video explaining that the JAK-12 shotgun from Modern Warfare is a faster killing weapon than the Meta Owen gun up close.

In his video, IceManIsaac claims:

“The Owen gun, yes, when you hit all head shots, it’s beautiful how fast you can kill someone but it’s not consistent. The JAK-12, you center up and you spam, and they die darn near instantaneously.”

Compared to the Owen gun’s meta build. The best possible loadout for the JAK-12 has a faster TTK at very close range. As per’s data report, within nine meters, the JAK-12’s TTK is 400ms, while the Owen gun has 520ms. At very close-range, the shotgun from Modern Warfare beats the Owen gun by 120ms TTK.

The Owen gun vs The JAK-12 stat comparsion (image via Owen gun vs The JAK-12 stat comparsion (image via

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